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Susan Wendover, DMH, DHHP

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst

Phone: 518.423.6832

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Here's what others are saying...

I was introduced to Heilkunst and sequential therapy when I was at an all time low in my life. I had feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. I had also been diagnosed with medical issues. Through Susan's guidance, support and the required remedies, I have been able to find the coping skills to deal with the negative situations around me and feel better about myself.
Jay, Clifton Park, NY

Since a traumatic personal experience 4 yrs ago, I have suffered from depression and PTSD. I had never been diagnosed with depression before this. After seeing counselors and a psychiatrist I was medicated and these four years have gone from dark to darker, including 3 hospitalizations and suicide attempts with self-harm incidents included. I began Heilkunst treatment with Susan less than 1 year ago thinking maybe this could help. With her guidance and the remedies, I have gone through 3 prescription changes; the last one resulted in my depression medication dosage being reduced to half. I feel better and the remedies do help. I would recommend this process of healing to anyone. I feel it is due to the remedies that I am able to see the lighter side of things and I recently experienced an actual feeling of JOY! A very good thing!
Melanie, Burnt Hills, NY

Some benefits you can expect to achieve with treatment include, but are not limited to:
Increased energy Self awareness
Decrease in stress and anxiety Improved immunity
Stronger, more in control of your life Increase sense of purpose and direction
An inner calmness and sense of well being Decrease/elimination of symptoms
Ability to make healthy, resonant choices in your life
Achieve health on all levels; physical, emotional, mental
Improved relationships with yourself and others on all levels
Improved outlook on life because of positive changes within you

Why Choose Heilkunst?
  • It is safe, proven, and effective
  • It has been around for over 200 years
  • It offers customized and individualized treatment
  • It follows scientific principles based on natural law
  • Phone consults are available, making it more convenient.
  • It offers freedom from disease, not just the mere absence of symptoms

Heilkunst allows us to revisit our past and change the way it impacts our life today. Individual remedies are chosen each month with the purpose of releasing from the body memory the effects of old trauma. Stress reduction is instantaneous and old emotional patterns are gently transformed into a new healthy outlook.

This treatment is especially effective as a preventative approach for the removal of inherited disease and optimizing your health for the future. It is equally effective in the reversal of existing conditions and a restoration of health for people of all ages.

You will receive individual support along the way using safe and gentle homeopathic/homotonic remedies to assist natural healing and detoxification.

About Susan:

Susan Wendover, DMH, DHHP

Susan began her quest in 1997, after feeling uncomfortable giving conventional medicine to her young son who was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Doctors kept telling her it was safe, while she felt otherwise.

She followed her intuition by safely using an herbal tonic while taking her son off all conventional asthma meds, including shots!

In 2005, at a crossroads, Susan began seeking meaning and purpose in her own life, which led to researching alternative medicine. Heilkunst resonated with her because it is based on defined principles grounded in natural law. It is a medical system that looks beyond the superficial level to treat the true cause of undesired symptoms.

She enrolled in the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, an accredited college offering a four year diploma, where she earned her DHHP and also became a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst with the Canadian-International Heilkunst Association.

We should all experience the privilege of health, happiness and well being. To make lasting change in your life, end your suffering, and participate in your own journey, you owe it to yourself to schedule your appointment and begin living the life you deserve.

To contact Susan directly: Phone: 518.423.6832