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Energy for Health and Healing, LLC

Jack J. Treiber, Personal Energy Manager / Adviser

Joseph Treiber

(518) 225-4692

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376 Broadway, L1 Healing Spirit Center
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Suite 103
56 Clifton Country Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065

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Energy for Health and Healing

Energy for Health and Healing, LLC
A Complementary and Holistic Approach to Wellness

...Offering a truly unique energy therapy to restore the body's vital life force balance. This is achieved through the application of ancient and modern energy techniques which enhance well-being and general health, plus promote relaxation and stress relief.

My approach is to start with a detailed assessment of the client's energy system. This involves checking the condition of each energy meridian pathway and chakra energy center, among many other aspects of our energy systems, as well as determining if there is any emotional energy resistance to feeling and getting better.

This initial assessment is then followed by non-invasive techniques (such as holding simple positions, tapping or touching important energetic body points, etc.) to carefully balance, strengthen, clear, and normalize their energy system. By influencing individual energy meridians and chakra energy centers in this way, clients are helped to feel better physically and emotionally.

By first sensing the energetic need, and then guiding the client where to tap, touch, or move, and additionally by me working extensively within their energy field, these separate energy flows are corrected, improved and harmonized in a gentle and natural manner. As a consequence the client's overall system is strengthened, wellness is promoted, and the body's natural ability to heal itself is facilitated.

Additionally, I develop a customized personal protocol for each client so that they can continue to improve their energy system at home.

Another important and unique service I offer is to assess possible negative implications of specific foods and other substances or materials on the client's energy system - in a non-invasive manner. These bioenergetic assessments are accomplished by holding a small amount of the substance near the person's body. This can be quite helpful for individuals who are sensitive to certain items.

I am now practicing in downtown Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park. You can call for more information and to arrange an appointment. I can be reached at 518-225-4692. E-mail at

Jack J. Treiber, BS, Personal Energy Advisor, has studied at the Chinese Healing Arts Center and is a Certified Energy Practitioner. He has also studied with Donna Eden, acclaimed author of the groundbreaking book "Energy Medicine". Mr. Treiber has been helping clients through the use of various energy therapies including Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Code, Chinese Chi Healing, Shamanic and Aboriginal techniques, among others, for over twenty years and has developed many unique and intuitive approaches as his energy sensitivities have grown and developed.

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