Adina Pure Skin Care

Owned by Kristin Robinson


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Service Areas

Body Work
Energy Work
Skin Care


Pain / Injury, Skin Conditions, Stress



Adina Pure Skin Care offers: Holistic Facials, Chiral Correct Skin Corrective Peels, Expert Waxing and Hair Removal, Massage Therapy, Organic Facial Products, Reiki


Kristin Robinson is a trusted and sought-after skin care expert, esthetician, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, and energy healer who has been working in the skin care and massage therapy field for over 15 years. Her love for natural living, nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, beauty and the skin is the driving force behind Adina Pure Skin Care. She has infused her knowledge of plants and herbs with science and the skin to create a product line that not only delivers actual spa quality results but that is free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and fragrance. You can rest assured that Adina Pure Skin Care products will be supportive to your skin and body and deliver you actual positive change in the skin to create a healthy and vibrant complexion. Kristin’s mission is to provide customers with only the best, top-quality, innovative, skin care products that will support overall health and well-being using the highest purity certified organic, organic compliant and wild crafted ingredients.

We use all our own signature organic products during our facial treatments to provide you with the purest skin care products that support your skin and your health. Our treatments are deeply relaxing, stress relieving and rejuvenating.


“The Adina Pure Skin Care products have completely changed my skin. I have suffered with adult acne through my late teen’s and now my 20’s. I have tried every product line and brand on the market, over the counter prescriptions from dermatologists, natural supplements and routine skin treatments at varying spas. On top of all of this, I have extremely sensitive skin. All of the chemically based products would leave me with a terrible reaction on top of the acne! I have been searching for an organic option that would work for my skin. I care so deeply about making sure what I put in my body, and on my body is made with quality ingredients that nurture it. When I reached out to Kristin at Adina I was so nervous that one more thing wouldn’t work— much to my surprise about 10days later I saw a huge difference! My skin not only was clearing up, but it looked healthier! A close friend asked what I switched to because my skin was “glowing”! I can honestly say, I have never had a compliment like that before. My search for a skin care line that works is over! The words “Thank You” are not enough.” — Stephanie, Saratoga Springs

“Fantastic experience, outstanding products, beautiful person providing for it all.” — Kathy, Ballston Spa

"I have been using Adina skincare products for the past 2 years with amazing results. My face has felt cleaner, healthier, and more refreshed. It actually has more of a glow to it. Two of my favorites are the Nourishing Mist and the Sun Salutation. The mist helps keep my face hydrated and I use it throughout the day. The Sun Salutation is lightly tinted, so gives some color to my complexion while providing daytime protection from the sun. I would highly recommend these products which are so natural and made with love." — Carol, Saratoga Springs