ECS Psychological Services

Founded by Erin Christopher-Sisk

P: 518-580-0520

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ESC Founder, Erin Christopher-Sisk

ESC Founder, Erin Christopher-Sisk


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Counseling / Therapy
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Addiction, Anxiety, Behavioral, Depression, Eating Disorder, Emotional Distress, Military Spouse Support, Postpartum, Relationship Issues, Sleep Issues, Stress, Trauma / PTSD, Women’s Health



The mission of ECS Psychological Services, P.C. is to provide a caring and supportive environment that personalizes treatment to our clients' needs. This allows clients to express their feelings safely through individual, family and/or couples therapy. Our primary treatment goal is to maximize a patient’s personal potential in order for them to lead a fulfilling and productive life. We use each individual’s unique strengths combined with targeted therapeutic interventions to effectively treat our clients.

Our team of clinicians has extensive training and expertise providing treatment options you won’t find elsewhere.


Erin Christopher-Sisk, Ph.D. is a life-long resident of Saratoga Springs and a graduate of Siena College and The University at Albany. She obtained her doctorate in Counseling Psychology and has practiced in multiple settings and with a variety of populations, including in-patient psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment for children with severe mental illness, foster care, residential treatment autism, and nursing homes.


“My husband and I were at a loss with our 6-year-old son. He was having daily outbursts which at times would become destructive and physical. He had no friends and we couldn’t understand why his emotions always seemed so out of control, especially when he didn’t get his way. My husband and I felt completely alone. Our son didn’t get invited to birthday parties and when we tried to invite some of his classmates over to our home for a playdate, there was always an excuse until one day, another parent asked if she could be honest with me. I hesitantly agreed. She told me that my son had the worst behavior in his class and that his outbursts were a distraction to others’ learning process. It was at that point that my husband and I decided we needed help. We started taking our son to see Carrie at ECS. She has been a gift from above!!! She is energetic, creative, and truly understood the challenges we had been experiencing. And most importantly, our son loves her! She uses play therapy and animal-assisted therapy to help our son build positive social and emotional skills. She even coordinated with his teacher to help modify some of his routines in the school which has greatly improved his behavior. Our son is like a whole new young person! He can tell us how he is feeling now and uses coping skills to calm himself down when he is upset. His grades have improved and we no longer get phone calls home every week about his behavior. Overall, his attitude has greatly improved! Carrie, we wouldn’t be where we are without you!”