Ellen O'Connell

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Service Areas

Energy Work
Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy
Wellness Educator


Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Autoimmune Disorders, Cancer, Chronic Illness, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, Emotional Distress, Fatigue, Grief / Loss, Inflammation, Migraine, Pain / Injury, Postpartum, Pre / Post Surgery, Pregnancy, Preventative Health, Self Inquiry / Self Care, Skin Conditions, Sleep Issues, Stress, Vertigo, Women’s Health



Energy Medicine — Ellen studied with Donna Eden, Jonathan Goldman, and Eileen McKusick, incorporating discoveries each has made into a session tailored to the individual. She assess energy systems, uses gentle touch on the body and in it’s field to unblock and facilitate communication within and between the systems, and assigns homework to help the client strengthen and solidify the healthy flow that has been initiated. The Chakras, Meridians, and Aura/Biofield are some examples of the systems she works with.

Biofield Tuning — Ellen uses tuning forks to cleanse the aura/biofield of unpleasant emotional charges that were generated by traumas in the past. Without help, we carry these throughout our life, compounding them by attracting similar situations, as that is what our field is resonating with. The tuning fork introduces a coherent vibration for the “static” to entrain with, bringing itself back to “factory settings” and leaving people feeling lighter and clearer. Receiving a tuning also subtly benefits others in our lineage (parents and children). Ellen can do this work over any distance as well, by phone or Skype.

Regressive Hypnosis — Ellen trained with Dr. Brian Weiss to help people retrieve old, perhaps ancient memories, bring the happy ones to the surface, release the bad ones , and bring into waking consciousness lessons learned/ wisdom gained from the past that may help in the present. *Note: This is not hypnotherapy.


Ellen happened upon a community Energy Medicine class in early 2006, in a long search to help an ailing family member. She didn't know what “this stuff” was, but the teacher, Susan Shanley, was reputable and Ellen was resolved to learn everything she could about healing until something helped.

The power of this work was brought home to her when her father consented to a session. The bone pain from his late stage cancer had flared beyond the control of multiple medications. When she found that beginner level techniques were able to diffuse his pain, she enrolled in Donna Eden's 2-year Energy Medicine practitioner certification program, graduating in 2011.

Ellen stayed current with the EEM (Eden Energy Medicine) organization's requirements through 2015, when she discovered Eileen McKusick's work with tuning forks. This work captivated her for several reasons. It offered a whole new way to work with a client's energies, and a more concentrated focus on clearing energetic residue of past traumas as the way to vibrant health.

Ellen chose to broaden her abilities by enrolling in Eileen's Biofield Tuning Certification Program, graduating in 2016. Her clients loved this new work as a stand alone modality, and Ellen has also found ways to combine elements of both Eileen's and Donna's programs into one session.

Vocal toning has become another avenue of interest for Ellen. She is completing Jonathan Goldman's healing sound correspondence course, mixing this newfound ability into her sessions as well. Some of her clients who can see energy have seen the bright colors morph into 3D when she adds the toning. (Just one of the validations of its effectiveness.) This combination of modalities means that the Energy Medicine that Ellen currently practices, while informed by many, is uniquely hers.

The newest service that Ellen is offering is Regressive Hypnosis. She was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in July 2018. The insights people glean from this work can be transformative, and she is honored to walk with them through their memories and assist them in pulling anything helpful to the surface.


“Ellen's energy healing sessions are powerful and beautiful at the same time. I learn so much about myself after each one, and I always leave feeling better, lighter and more relaxed. I especially appreciate the suggestions she gives for carry-over at home: books to read, crystals to keep bedside, or energy exercises. Ellen is such a kind and giving person who just exudes warmth and love – even my children and my partner have received energy healings from Ellen. I can't recommend her enough, she is wonderful!” — Stephanie P. M.

“Ellen taught me a way to calm my son's seizures without drugs. If that wasn't enough, she then took care of me, a very shaken mom. She is a gifted healer and a phenomenal teacher.” — Carla M.

“Ellen is a caring and intuitive practitioner. She puts you at ease immediately and explains what she is doing throughout the session. She creates a space where you feel safe to share whatever comes up. She is non-judgmental and helps you process through any physical or emotional blockages you have during the session. It is amazing how physical pain goes away when the emotions are worked through! I always feel more relaxed and at peace after my sessions with Ellen.” — J.S.