Gina's Reiki Healing & Education Center

Owned by Gina Clemente


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Service Areas

Energy Work
Wellness Educator


Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Illness, Depression, Emotional Distress, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Migraine, Pain / Injury, Pre / Post Surgery, Preventative Health, Stress



Gina specializes specifically in Reiki healing services which includes: Reiki healing sessions, All levels of Reiki training, Reiki mentoring, workshops & corporate presentations and group Reiki training. All services are customized for the clients individual needs and given personal attention and in depth quality training.


Gina Clemente is certified Reiki Master Teacher who, for more than 15 years, has grown as a natural intuitive through the power of Reiki. By practicing a compassionate approach and extended sense perception, Gina has become a skilled energy healer.

Since her practice began in 2003 she has conducted well over 6,000 Reiki sessions and has taught hundreds men and women from around the country how to access this natural energy healing to help themselves and those they love.

Though blessed to have built a private practice in her hometown of Saratoga Springs NY, Gina loves to bring her passion of Reiki healing wherever it is needed. She's is available for Reiki presentations and group training. Because of her vast experience she is able to offer unique and in depth Reiki training. She is member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.