Intuitive Heal, LLC

Founded by Christy Johnson


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Service Areas

Energy Work
Healing Art
Mentorship / Coaching
Soul Work
Spiritual Growth


Behavioral, Emotional Distress, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Self Inquiry / Self Care, Stress



Christy helps clients reduce stress and improve their relationships via their soul's perspective on their challenges. She offers intuitive healing, energetic Jin Shin Jyutsu, Akashic records consultations and training, and embodied energy healing and classes. The work focuses on increased inner and outer harmony plus personal empowerment via self-help skills. With this approach, you can evolve how you relate to others and yourself, including whatever physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual "projects" you're exploring. You can also get yourself up-to-date with who and how you are now as a soul, releasing outdated patterns and soul commitments.

Please note that Akashic records work is not fortune-telling or predictive; it focuses on soul-related aspirations you have in this lifetime. Also, the Akashic records are only for those 18 or older.


In 2007, uninspired and under-engaged in her decades-long IBM engineering career, Christy asked the universe for a change and intuitive healing abilities spontaneously appeared a few days later. Two years after that, she discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu, a mind-body-spirit healing art, and she quit IBM two weeks after she completed the practitioner training program in 2010.

Next, she became a certified Akashic Records practitioner and then an Advanced Certified Teacher in 2012. Christy is certified to teach Dr. Linda Howe's "How to Read the Akashic Records" book and also her "Healing Through the Akashic Records" book.

In 2016, Christy became a certified embodied energy practitioner through The Energy Healing Institute. That work clears outdated energy patterns from your aura and chakras and also allows you to separate your energy from other people's, which is particularly helpful if you are empathic. With the exception of the intuitive healing, every modality Christy practices she discovered via her own personal search for healing. She invites you to visit her website for a more detailed bio:


“Before I worked with Christy, I had repetitive relationship issues, I couldn’t get out of the cycle. The work gave me different perspectives, a deeper understanding of my soul and myself as a being. I also learned about my energy field and how to keep it clear, clearing stuff from the past, including things not from this lifetime. Now I see I’m a composite of layers from many lifetimes and need to shed what isn’t current. I’ve incorporated this into my life and how I think, it gives me a new perspective on who I am plus I’ve developed inner strength so standing up for myself gets easier and easier. I’ve been learning what it feels like to honor myself in healthy ways. Through this work, I feel I’m on an evolutionary highway, not at a rest stop.” — M.B. from Burlington, VT

“I used to struggle with shame and guilt, managing my own energy, being overly empathetic, feeling drained in relationships that weren’t serving me, not feeling safe or grounded, and blocked intuition. I’d been working on myself for twenty years, I would make a little progress but then would revert back. I felt alone, like the only one struggling with this stuff, helpless to change. I appreciate Christy’s multiple approaches [in the embodied energy system], including conversation and invaluable chakra, aura, and grounding tools. I value her intuitive ability to evaluate my energy and then do healing. I feel seen, heard, and understood in a revolutionary way. This work helped me start taking care of myself, being aware of what was and wasn’t okay, and gave me the courage to make a huge life change. Now I have greater inner and outer peace, I feel free and comfortable in my own skin for the first time, plus I have a greater awareness of myself, of the energy of others around me, and am kinder to myself.” — Annemarie of South Burlington, VT

“I have sought guidance from Christy on several occasions. She is my go-to person when I am struggling with difficult and perplexing issues because she assists me in understanding the past in order to move forward. The perspective I get to see through her is enlightening and very helpful with relationships, business, and personal difficulties. I have grown into a stronger and more compassionate person (towards myself and others) with a better sense of who I am and why I am here because of her passion and expertise in soul evolution. I am very grateful I found her and look forward to my next visit.” — Lori from Los Angeles, CA