Marina Petro


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Service Areas

Counseling / Therapy
Healing Art
Intuitive / Psychic Consultant
Spiritual Growth


All — Being an intuitive/psychic consultant, Marina can offer viable information and guidance for just about any condition a person presents



Marina is an artist and clairvoyant, and presents workshops in Intuitive Painting and Developing Intuition.

She is considered a full range intuitive. Her abilities embrace the complete range of psychic/intuitive receptivity. This includes: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. These natural talents, coupled with a highly developed capacity to focus her attention, enables Marina to explore, in depth, just about any life situation or topic that a person presents.

Marina functions as a catalyst to help her clients restore harmony to their lives. The value of her service is the ability to 'see' into your life and provide clear and useful information and insight to the concerns and questions you present.

Her gift enables her to 'see' into the past, present, and the unfolding future simultaneously. This makes it possible to predict the most likely consequences of what is presently in motion in your life. She can then provide you with new strategies, options, and guidance, anchored in an expedient, spiritually correct, and positive direction. By spiritually correct, she means: guidance that is anchored in integrity and considers the highest good for all concerned.

Marina sometimes view her work as 'timely intervention.' A Chinese proverb states: "If we do not change our direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed." Every situation and relationship you encounter has more than one possible outcome. How you choose to interact and respond will influence the outcome.

Marina’s artwork ranges from angels, visionary and celestial pieces, to realistic landscapes, equine portraits, still life, and bold abstract works. Many are considered “Healing Art.”


Marina has been self employed as an Intuitive Counselor and Artist for over 40 years.


“Some people turn to therapists or drugs. I've turned to Marina for over 30 years. Her creative talents adorn my walls. Her words, her visions, her messages and her deep knowing has been an infallible source of wisdom over the years and I truly wonder where I'd be without it.” — Janet P., NY

"I have been a client of Marina Petro's for intuitive guidance for over thirty years. Marina is not only gifted and insightful but is able to package the information presented in a way that it is useful to the recipient to move forward, to recognize the unfoldment of opportunities and to work through challenges. The intuitive guidance may also save, months , days and years from barking up the wrong tree. Marina's guidance goes to the deeper longings of the client, I often think of her as a reader of one's soul...bottom line... highly recommended." — Kenneth N., FL

“Many times I think of the first intuitive class I took with you and how it opened my world to infinite possibilities. I was and am still so grateful for your class and each contact with you.” — Christine D., NY