Become Part of the SIPN Community

Why join?

Share knowledge, and learn from others.

At our monthly meetings you have the opportunity to meet and learn from other practitioners in the area. Share your knowledge and expertise, network, support one another.

No fees, no dues.

Once you attend a meeting, your name and contact information is added to our SIPN email list. There's absolutely no charge to join or to attend our meetings.

Every meeting is completely different.

After introductions and announcements about upcoming events, classes, etc., we always feature a presenter from our network. Some lecture, others lead mini-classes or demonstrate hands-on therapy. Space is provided for everyone present to display business cards, brochures, flyers, books, CDs, and more.

joining is easy

All you have to do to join is attend a meeting, sign in, and introduce yourself.

If you can't attend a meeting right now, no problem. Just let us know, and we'll add you to the Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network email list of approximately 300 practitioners (and growing!). Announcements posted in our monthly email newsletters include event announcements, space for rent, introductions from practitioners new to the area, workshops, classes, upcoming SIPN meetings, even questions about particular health issues. (We never post spam, petitions, product advertisements, or non-local information.)


Generate More Business & Visibility

join our directory

Our website directory is a reputable platform for wellness support and resources, which embodies the heartfelt service that we, as integrative health practitioners, endeavor to provide our clients and community. It is a place for people to learn, to connect, and to feel confident that they will be supported. 

Listing your business on the SIPN website is a very easy and inexpensive way for you to grow and build your online presence.

Benefits to Listing—

  • Generate New Clients — rely on our reputable platform to connect you with new clients looking for your skills through high ranking results in all the major search engines.

  • Boost Revenue — with so many people sharing and visiting our site, you cast a bigger net for your skills, services, and marketing; thus generating more opportunity and income.

  • Promote events and opportunities — showcase your upcoming events, classes, and workshops on our online calendar and receive a shareable link to promote it. By listing, you also receive space for advertising special opportunities, listings, and rentals.

  • Build your Web Presence — use our site to house your services and increase visibility by cross-linking your other sites, events, and social media accounts.

  • Receive the support of a webmaster to help you engage your target audience by offering new content, such as event PDFs, videos, and photos. We’ll do our best to share your info on our social media platform as well.


Annual Listing: $60 (breaks out to $5 a month) due November 1st 
*If applying mid-year, please email for prorated amount.
Renewal reminders will be sent each fall; however updates can be made (and are encouraged) anytime throughout the year. 

Your investment helps cover: a shared hosting charge, domain name renewal, the cost of adding new pages and making updates throughout the year, and for marketing the site so that more people find your business!

guidelines for listing—

Please make sure you proofread thoroughly before submitting your information.

Photos / Logos — If you wish to include a logo or headshot, please email your image(s) as a JPG or PNG file. A larger (600 pixels or more) file is preferred in order to maintain image quality. Please email files using the subject “SIPN website directory,” along with your business name, to 

Become a presenter

Do you have topic that you’d like to share? Would you like to inform people about your new services? We’d love to hear from you! All members are welcome to present at our monthly meetings. Some lecture, others lead mini-classes or demonstrate hands-on therapy. This a great way to connect with and promote your message/service/skills across our network of professionals.

Blog feature

Be featured on our blog! All meeting presenters will be listed on our blog page with free links to their contact info, social media accounts, and upcoming workshops or offerings. Members are also welcome to contribute articles anytime.