Stress Techniques

Founded by Barbara Stevens


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Service Areas

Energy Work
Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy
Mentorship / Coaching
Nutrition / Herbalism
Preventative Care
Spiritual Growth
Stress Management Consultant
Wellness Educator


Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Autoimmune Disorders, Behavioral, Chronic Illness, Cold + Flu, Digestive Issues, Emotional Distress, Fatigue, Inflammation, Migraine, Pain / Injury, Preventative Health, Relationship Issues, Skin Conditions, Sleep Issues, Stress, Text Anxiety, Tinnitus, Weight, Women’s Health



Provide easy techniques to turn stress into strength to create a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Barbara Stevens has been helping groups and individuals improve their health and create a more fulfilling life for over twenty years, using techniques that change the perception of fear and scarcity to a sense of confidence and abundance. Barbara is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists in Stress Management and Hypnosis, Weight Management, Smoke Cessation, Test Apprehension, Tinnitus Rebehavioring, Insomnia Weight Control, Pain Management, Sales and Sports Performance, and Past Life Exploration


“I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for seeing me on Friday. The session was truly amazing, and helped me tremendously. I slept through the night every night this weekend. I did not get up to “snack” at all!!!” — anonymous

“I was writing to say that you and I did it again!!! I passed the NCLEX boards and am now a RN!!! I wish I had found you earlier when I was in high school... I would have done sooo much better! You have made all my fears of taking an exam go away! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” — anonymous

“Thank you so much for helping me search within myself to create a calmer "Me". Whenever I start to stress out I say, ‘What would Barbara have me do?’ and it works.” — anonymous