Shaanti Energy Healing

Founded by Suzanne Golub

P: 518-301-0407

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Service Areas

Body Work
Energy Work
Preventative Care
Spiritual Growth


Addiction, Anxiety, Arthritis, Behavioral, Cancer, Chronic Illness, Depression, Digestive Issues, Emotional Distress, Fatigue, Grief / Loss, Inflammation, Migraine, Pain / Injury, Preventative Health, Sleep Issues, Stress, Trauma / PTSD, Women’s Health



  • Providing deeply relaxing and healing private Reiki sessions for a wide range of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages;

  • Energizing, detoxing, and balancing Reiki with crystals;

  • Chakra clearing, re-aligment and balancing;

  • Powerful distant healing for those at a distance or unable to travel;

  • Individual and group Reiki classes - Level I, II and Master;

  • Reiki attunement refresh for those who have been certified in Reiki but have not practiced and wish to re-attune their vibrational frequency.


Suzanne Golub is a Reiki Master Teacher, and owner of Shaanti Energy Healing. She has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years, and is deeply committed to sharing her knowledge and healing abilities with love and compassion. She has worked extensively with clients having a wide range of physical and emotional issues, including chronic aches and pains, fatigue, stress, migraines, after surgery, depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well as people in recovery, and those in treatment for cancer. Her powerful energy work is deeply healing and restorative.


"She is absolutely the most amazing practitioner I have ever had work on me. I highly recommend her services." — Christian S.

"The moments that I was under her hands enveloped me in a sense of calm and release that I cannot remember experiencing as deeply in prior healing work. Suzanne is the real deal." — Kate B.

"Suzanne Golub can turn any skeptic into a believer, and every person out there can benefit from her healing hands." — Lyndsey L.