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The Healing Springs Journal

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Enhancing your power of choice in the New York tradition of wellness since 2002. The Healing Springs Journal is a local, independent, free publication dedicated to addressing the whole person by providing articles and stories that allow the reader to make empowered lifestyle decisions in relation to the wellness of their mind, body, spirit and environment. By offering such a resource, we are creating life-sustaining choices that have a rippling effect on the entire world.


Founded by Katrina Clay, the concept for The Healing Springs Journal had been on her mind for a long while. Even so, in 2001, when a friend asked if she wanted a computer his company was giving away, she said no. 

Months later, she was talking to Mark Tolstrup of The Tai Chi Center, and he mentioned our community needed a holistic newsletter of sorts. Katrina had the skills and enthusiasm to create that and told him so. Only weeks later did she remember the offer of a computer and called that friend. Miraculously, he still had it in his car waiting for its new home. This computer had Quark, Photoshop, and Word already loaded and gave Katrina the instrument to create.

Another couple of months later, Katrina called Michael Wayne, a local acupuncturist, to tell him her idea. He suggested she come to a newly forming group of practitioners. Everyone in that group supported the effort and in April, 2002, The Healing Springs Journal was born!

Since then, The Healing Springs Journal has been committed opening the minds and hearts of our community to new ways of being well in mind, body, spirit and environment. It has always been a free publication and its creators are committed to keeping it free. To become a member or learn more about advertising, please visit