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Service Areas

Body Work
Craniosacral Therapy
Preventative Care
Wellness Educator


Addiction, Anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Illness, Depression, Digestive Issues, Emotional Distress, Fatigue, Inflammation, Migraine, Pain / Injury, Post Concussion, Pregnancy, Preventative Health, Sleep Issues, Stress, Tinnitus, TMJ, Vertigo, Women’s Health



  • Individual Craniosacral sessions for all ages: adults, teens, children, moms and babies

  • Specializing in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

  • Craniosacral Classes for all levels, beginner through advanced

  • Three-year Biodynamic Foundation Training leads to BCST certification

For all details, please see: www.CraniosacralEducation.com

Session info can be found at: www.craniosacraleducation.com/craniosacral-sessions


Margery Chessare, LMT, BCST, RCST
Turtle Back Craniosacral Therapy & Education
Founder, SIPN/ Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network

Margery’s family moved to the Saratoga area in late 1995, in the midst of a big, glorious snow storm. They arrived with four sons and no jobs; she and her husband left behind two separate businesses in New Jersey. They took a risk that many called crazy, but never looked back; it’s the best decision they ever made.

From a professional standpoint, two things about this area became immediately clear: for one, Craniosacral Therapy was completely unknown; and two, it was difficult to locate like-minded integrative practitioners because everyone was isolated, doing his or her own thing. There was no community.

Margery was a massage therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy, a profound modality she fell in love with the minute she learned about it. So she had to get the word out ASAP. She wrote at least one newspaper article and offered free sessions to many healthcare professionals. Whenever possible, she convinced her massage clients to try Craniosacral Therapy. A handful of those original folks still see her for regular Craniosacral sessions, for which she is extraordinarily grateful.

In 1999 Margery was asked by the brand new Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage to join their staff as instructor of Craniosacral Therapy. She happily taught “Intro to CST" there for 10 years and left eager to start her own school, Turtle Back Craniosacral Education, specializing in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

In between, September 11, 2001, happened. Suddenly, being a bodyworker and teacher in upstate NY didn’t feel like enough. More than ever, we integrative practitioners needed community; to come together to talk, laugh, cry, and educate ourselves. We needed to find out how our practices were complementary and how we could support one another.

So, later that fall in 2001, Margery made a bunch of phone calls to strangers, arranged with a friend, Rob Bauer, to use his oversized waiting room as a meeting space, brought in coffee and bagels, and that was the birth of SIPN, the Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network. The first time we gathered, most of us had never met before. As a group, we had no name or even a plan. It wasn’t until we came together that morning that we recognized the need to continue meeting.

Margery directed SIPN for 10 years, at which point she was happy to pass along the reins to Katrina Clay and her co-directors. Margery’s school had grown, her practice was busy, and it was time to make room for others to lead the group.

In short, Margery cannot fully express her gratitude to Saratoga and the Capital District for supporting all of us—so many incredible, heart-centered practitioners offering so many different modalities. She can’t imagine accomplishing all of this anywhere else. Thank you!


“My session was amazingly fluid. Every bone in my cranium floated. Last night I lay in bed drifting with the clouds and moon and the cold air was sweet. A smile on my face and in my heart. It has been so long since I have felt such peace. A peace that includes the full spectrum of my being.” — RT, Vermont

“I think of you often, and because I am doing very well I haven't felt the need for a session. I was successful in losing over 30 pounds last year, and feel so much more energized. I'm continuing to change my eating to promote a healthier me. I'm sure that all the work we did had an effect on my ability to move into greater health, and I will always be grateful for your support and gentle healing touch.” — CB, New York

“Thank you so, so, so much for that wonderful session. I felt like I was floating on a cloud for at least two, days afterward! It was really such a treat. I appreciate you sharing your art with me (and the rest of our community) by offering a safe and peaceful space to relax and drop into the inner realms that are too easily overlooked and forgotten. You're truly gifted at what you do!” — RS, New York