Yoga Mandali

Owned by Kristen Zorda


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Kristen Zorda, Owner of Yoga Mandali

Kristen Zorda, Owner of Yoga Mandali


Service Areas

Energy Work
Preventative Care
Spiritual Growth
Wellness Educator


Addiction, Anxiety, Autoimmune Disorders, Behavioral, Cancer, Chronic Illness, Depression, Digestive Issues, Emotional Distress, Fatigue, Grief / Loss, High Blood Pressure, Inflammation, Life Transitions, Mental Health, Migraine, Pain / Injury, Postpartum, Pregnancy, Preventative Health, Relationship Issues, Self Inquiry / Self Care, Sleep Issues, Stress, Trauma / PTSD, Trust Issues, Weight, Women’s Health



A premiere yoga training and wellness center, immersed in the practices of love and devotion, and dedicated to serving the community by offering a safe, nurturing environment to learn and grow. Located in downtown Saratoga Springs, Yoga Mandali offers daily yoga and meditation classes, workshops, kirtan concerts, teacher trainings, and more! To take a tour of the studio or book a class online, visit


What started out as a small space in the basement of 454 Broadway has, over the past decade, and through the care of Karen Score, Heather Dacus, and Gopi Kinnicutt, been transformed into the beautiful Yoga center we know it as today. Now owned and operated by Kristen Zorda, Yoga Mandali is a studio rooted in the ancient traditions of love & devotion, which fosters a diverse range of yoga classes, workshops, kirtans, and teacher training programs. With a caring, compassionate community of teachers and students, Yoga Mandali is proud to offer a space for everyBODY to feel safe exploring the practice of yoga, to learn and grow with a sense of belonging, and to reconnect to their divine sense of being.


“Yoga Mandali is refreshing for someone who has been involved in the world of yoga for several years. The instructors are well-trained, knowledgeable and have really great energy. You walk into the studio and immediately feel a sense of calm. I like how they have enough props for everyone (not many studios do!) and that there is usually someone at the front desk to greet you. It feels different than your usual studio and I can't wait to go back!” — Christi L.

“THE yoga spot in Saratoga and Capital District. Just walking into the studio seems to put you in the perfect mindset for class. They have cultivated a team of instructors and advisors for any personal growth or fitness goals you may have. It's just a warm welcoming space.” — Gerri G.

“This is probably the best yoga studio in the Capital Region. It radiates welcoming atmosphere and has incredible energy. The studio is well-managed and offers daily classes for students of different levels. I have taken a variety of classes there and can attest to the competence of their instructors. As a student you will fall in love with their teaching styles that uniquely blend their incredible professionalism and personalities.” — Dimitri B.